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Calling All Guest Bloggers!


As I grow my blog, I am interested in having guests blog posts.  As I grow my readership, I would like to offer an opportunity for both established and new bloggers to have another site to increase their visibility.  Original, insightful, and engaging content that is unique and useful to readers is desired.  I reserve the right to Google submissions and submitters to ensure legitimacy and avoid spam.  If you might be interested, please read my guidelines below.

Credit and Incentives:

Each guest blog post will receive the follow as incentive and credit for submission:
  • Link to your blog, website, twitter handle, etc.
  • Upfront credit through a bio.  A short bio may appear at the beginning of the post (no more than 50 words) and a more detailed bio may appear at the end of the post.
  • An author photo is welcome but will be compressed as needed for loading purposes.
  • Credit or recognition via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook will be given whenever the post is shared.


Topics for a guest blog post can range from industry insights with more technical leanings to romance book reviews to personal reflections on being an author or aspirations to become an author.
  •          Self-publishing
  •          Indie authorship
  •          Book marketing and publishing
  •          Social media management, etc
  •          Romance reviews (preferably historical, but open to contemporary, paranormal, etc)
  •          Personal insights into your writing process or experiences with self-publishing or larger publishing houses

Link requirements and Policies:

  • Link to other relevant posts found on my blog.  If no internal links are used, I reserve the right to add them.
  • While I have no predetermined limit to how many external links are used in content, link stuffing will result in either a rejection to the submission or editing from me. Please keep links within your byline or bio to 1-2 (your website and a social media handle).
  • I do not accept submissions with affiliate links.
  • I welcome keyword-rich anchor text, but obvious keyword stuffing will result in either a rejection to the submission or editing by me.
  • If you have your own website or blog, backlinks are acceptable within reason.  The links must be relevant to the focus of the post and cannot be excessive. Please limit them to no more than three links to separate pages on your site.  I reserve the right to edit or reject links to content that I deem inappropriate by my standards.
  • You may use these backlinks to link to content on your own page if it is relevant and appropriate.  I reserve the right to edit or reject links to content that I deem inappropriate by my standards. 

Image requirements:

You are not required to submit an image with your post, but if you do, you must properly credit the source.  Images submitted without credit will not be used.  If no image is submitted, I will include one as appropriate.

Republishing Policy:

Guest posts are treated similarly to work for hire.  Once the post appears on this website, the content is reserved for use only on this website.  This protects against duplicate content issues.  While your post will be credited to you, it cannot be republished elsewhere. Submissions must be never before published content; they must be original.

Proofreading and Editing:

Please do not be offended if I suggest changes.  If the edits are minor, such as spelling, punctuation, or typos, these edits will be automatically made.  More substantive edits, such as content or clarification, will only be made after we discuss these suggestions.

Formatting Preferences:

I accept Word document attachments or html.  I prefer the content not be in the body of the email.  This makes transcription and editing more difficult.  Include H2-H3 headings as desired as long as they fit with the flow of the post. Use short paragraphs and bullet points when possible for attention grabbing and flow.

Community interaction:

I will notify you of when your blog post will appear and provide the permalink.  You are invited and encouraged to interact with any reader who comments.

If, after reviewing my policies, you are still interested in guest blogging, please submit a sample post to celestebarclayauthor@gmail.com. Use “GUEST POST” in the subject line.  Successful blog posts and writers may be invited to provide additional posts in the future.

Happy writing,


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