Friday, January 4, 2019

Celeste Barclay

Happy New Year and happy beginnings


Hello Reader,

I'm afraid my blog has been dreadfully neglected the last few months.  I keep thinking about it, but then, well, life happens.  I enjoy blogging, but just like journaling when I was in school, I never seem to remember to do it.  Or if I do remember, it's never at the right time to sit down and write.

What's kept me away from blogging?

New Releases

The past four months have been a whirlwind of activity!  Let me give you a little timeline.

August 31, 2018- Publish His Bonnie Highland Temptation The Clan Sinclair Book 2
September 2018-Write His Highland Prize The Clan Sinclair Book 3
Oct 1-15, 2018-Write, edit, publish Their Highland Beginning The Clan Sinclair Book 0 Prequel Novella
Oct 15-Nov 1, 2018-Edit and publish His Highland Prize (#1 New Release on Amazon)
November 2018-National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge to write 100k word book in a month.  I did it in just under three weeks.  Woowee!
December 3, 2018-Publish His Highland Pledge The Clan Sinclair Book 4 (# 1 New Release on Amazon)
December 2018-Write His Highland Surprise The Clan Sinclair Book 5
January 8, 2019- Publish NEW RELEASE His Highland Surprise

So yeah, it's been busy along with working and family and the holidays and etc...

Happy Endings

It's rather bittersweet knowing that The Clan Sinclair has come to an end.  It was always intended to be a five book series.  Adding the prequel novella was an unexpected add-on halfway in.  I haven't sent any kids off to college yet, but I imagine it's a little bit like the same feeling.  My characters are all grown up, have left home (sort of), and have families of their own. 

 I'm empty nesting!

The feedback and support I have gotten over the past four months since things really started to take off, has been incredible.  I can't believe how supportive and encouraging y'all are!  It's awesome to read the reviews and know that my stories that ramble around in my head are bringing you enjoyment.  My purpose is to offer a little escape from reality where you can imagine yourself as any or all of the characters and know you'll find your happily ever after. 

We need it.  We need the break from reality.  We need the break from responsibility.  We need the chance to use our imaginations.  

We're encouraged to imagine when we're children, but once we reach our teens, it often gets stifled with "serious stuff."  I like having a creative outlet, and I like sharing that with others.

So that leads me to...

Happy Beginnings

I'm granting myself the month of January off to get caught up on my own pleasure reading.  My list is growing by the day, and I'm antsy to hit my backlog.  The trade-off on not having an infinite amount of time every day is that something has to give, and lately it's been my own pleasure reading.

I have several books by Cecelia Mecca, Amy Jarecki, and Emma Prince to get caught up on along with Jayne Castel has at least one new release.

I'm going to be part of four anthologies!  There are two sets, each with a regular steamy novella and an erotica/kinky novella.  The first set has a pirate theme, and the second set will be for Christmas (still historical).  Look for these in 2019 and 2020.  I'm SUPER excited about the authors that I'm working with.  I feel like I'm sitting at the grown-ups' table now.

But most exciting (at least for me) is the NEW SERIES!  I already have the next four book series rolling around in my noggin, and it's dying to come out.  This will be a Viking series with five friends.  There is a brother, a sister, their cousin, and two of their friends.  So in total, three guys and two gals.  In true Viking form, there will be sailing, pillaging, and a good dose of things best done behind closed doors (or in remote woods or maybe even the hull of a ship).

New Series: Viking Glory

The plan for the new series is to release the first book at the beginning of March and release about once a quarter after that.  I'm tired, y'all!  I can't keep up the book a month pace for the long haul.  I hope you'll be patient and keep coming back for more.  I'm excited to explore a new time period, location, and culture.  The first book will by Leif: Viking Glory Book One.  I've already started looking at images for the covers.

If you have storyline suggestions, send me a message.  I'd love to hear what you want.

That's my recap and news for now!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you the best for the New Year.

Happy reading, y'all.
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