Monday, July 16, 2018

Getting My Social Media Game Face

Social Media and Me

I admit that it is SO much easier to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than it is to keep up with a blog.  I can access these sites from my phone or tablet without much effort.  I can share or retweet with a click.  I can post quick comments or idea.  I can follow the goings-on of my friends and acquaintances from the same place that I can create and post my own ruminations and adventures.

That said, I have spent much of today creating and working on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for my author sites.

It is rather fun to start these accounts or pages fresh.  It's like the beginning of a new relationship.  There's excitement to get to know the new account and to test the waters a little.  You're excited when notifications pop up. You want to see what others have to say to or about you.  Do they like you?  Do they want to get to know you better?  Do they want to talk more?

For a romance writer, this is a perfect set-up.  It's like blind dates.  It can go either way, but you always hope that it might be Mr/Ms Right (Now).  It can be a short term commitment, or you may find yourself in for the long haul.  You just don't know until you get started.

I admit that my blogging tends to fall to the wayside while I'm working on a novel.  All of my creativity gets funneled into the book, and the blog gets forgotten.

Social media makes it easy to keep up.  I can cross-pollinate sites with just a click.  Hitting those old birds with one stone, and what not.

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